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Pump Selection

Selection and Sizing

Precise pump sizing and selection are essential to proper operation and pump life. Selecting an undersized pump can lead to excessive maintenance and repair. They usually break down more often and require replacement sooner. Proper sizing maximizes pump life and minimizes downtime and repairs. In the long run, properly sized wastewater pumps are the least expensive option.

L.W. Allen has been helping municipalities, consulting engineers, and contractors select the right-size pump for their applications for more than sixty years. We know the demands wastewater treatment places on equipment. And we understand how to size and configure systems to provide uninterrupted service, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Installation and Retrofitting

Our field service team provides expert installation of water and wastewater treatment pumps to municipalities and contractors. They are a factory-trained team of pump-service technicians with many years of service and installation experience on a wide range of projects including:

  • new pump equipment installations
  • pump retrofits and upgrades
  • major pump equipment overhauls

Our goal is to get your new (or retrofitted) pump system off to a smooth start. Proper installation from our factory-trained technicians can assure that proper procedures are followed and warranty standards are maintained.

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