Excellence By Design
  • L.W. Allen


At L.W. Allen, we have the expertise and experience to help you design almost any fluid handling system. Our Sales Engineers will help guide you through the complex relationship between system requirements and product capabilities. We have two Professional Civil Engineers on staff, licensed in the State of Wisconsin, with experience designing hydraulic systems of their own. Call on us anytime for help designing your system.

We are well versed in the Arts and the Science of pump selection. Hydraulic design is a complex science, demanding a working knowledge of flow, pressure, temperature, viscosity, specific gravity, friction, and more. These elements then become part of the “art” of product selection, where we determine horsepower, speed, size, and configuration. Along the way, we also need to consider solids handling requirements, type of material pumped, abrasive and corrosive wear, materials of construction, and a lot more.


When you work with L.W. Allen, we make it our job to help you find the right fit. We focus on the lowest cost of ownership, and that is not always the cheapest up-front cost. We want the end users to know that when they put our equipment into service, it will be the best combination of price, energy efficiency, and quality with the least amount of risk.


What are those risks? End users can’t afford premature failure, excessive wear, downtime, plugging and clogging, leaking, or poor service. We provide heavy-duty pumps, sized right and built to last. Years from now, when a product does need service, these owners can count on our local parts availability and local repair service. We keep all of these elements in mind when we help with your system design.

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