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At L.W. Allen, we are always looking for ways to improve upon what we do. We need the help of qualified people with fresh ideas in order to grow and in order to improve.

If you are interested in a challenging and rewarding career with L.W. Allen, please send your resume and a brief description about yourself to: employment@lwallen.com or click one of the active links below to apply.

We are always looking for help in the following areas:


Pump Sales – These individuals work with pump users in Industrial applications as well as Municipal water and wastewater applications. We employ sales professionals to sell pumps in the aftermarket (as replacements or retrofits) as well as products for new facility designs.

Control System Sales – These individuals work with electrical design engineers to assist with specifications for municipal water and wastewater control systems. As a system integrator, we provide design assistance, select products and instrumentation, and quote our offering to electrical contractors per the bid set of plans and specifications.


Pump Service Technicians – These individuals work in our shop and at our customers’ locations (mainly in Wisconsin). They remove, repair, and install pump equipment at water, wastewater, and industrial process facilities.

Electrical Control Technicians – These individuals work in the field to start-up the systems newly installed at municipal water and wastewater facilities, well sites, and lift stations (mainly in Wisconsin). They also provide repairs and upgrades to existing equipment at these sites.


Electrical Engineers (Designers) – These individuals provide the design and drawings for our electrical control systems. After bid, these system engineers need to tie all of the components into a functioning control system that meets the requirements of the end user and of the specifications. They also provide the “as built” drawings of the final product.

Software Engineers (Programmers) – These individuals provide the custom programming for the PLC-based control systems and the computer-based monitoring and control systems sold to our Municipal water and wastewater customers.

Assemblers – These individuals assemble the control system components into the enclosures that are installed at the job site. They route wire, punch down connections, and make sure it all fits into a cabinet where the components are easy to access and easy to service.