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Altronex Control Systems

Altronex is our electrical controls division, originally formed as a support and service organization for national control system manufacturers, Consolidated Electric and Healy Ruff. Over time, we discovered that most of the national firms were unable to provide the system support required by our customers. We began manufacturing our own control systems in the mid-1970s, providing local programming, support, and service.

The vast majority of the control systems built during the 1970s used proprietary features and multiple circuit boards that were manufactured in small batches. Unfortunately, these simple dedicated controllers were prone to drift, not overly reliable, and susceptible to lightning. In the late 80s the municipal water and wastewater industry changed forever with the implementation of the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). PLCs offered a smart controller that was programmable to perform both control and telemetry needs. They were also a nonproprietary product that could be purchased from numerous supply houses throughout the State of Wisconsin. Technology, coupled with mass production, slowly drove pricing down to an affordable level over the years. Micro PLCs were introduced in the early 90s signaling the end of large national control houses and their custom controllers.

Our systems have value-added content in the form of comprehensive documentation and standardization that helps you with long-term maintenance. We provide extensive testing to insure that your system will perform as intended. This also minimizes start-up time and effort.  We also include operator training either at our facility or at site. We are a registered member of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) which verifies that we meet stringent “best practices” standards for the automation and control system industry.  While other integration firms have come and gone, Altronex continues to provide superior integration services to our clients.

At wastewater plants, our systems control raw sewage headworks stations, screening, grit removal, aeration processes and dissolved oxygen controls, clarifiers, dewatering systems, and effluent systems.

Within water treatment plants, we specialize in filter controls for traditional sand filtration processes and other media types. We have extensive expertise in chemical pacing, pump controls, and remote telemetry and SCADA.

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